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Making a difference on climate

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What we do


Educate on climate

Share and summarise the latest insight and data on climate to help inform the changes you can make. 


Simplify Actions

Share different ways you can make a difference - and help quantify how much difference they make


Help make a difference

Empower you to make meaningful changes that collectively will make a difference to climate

I'm still not sure what this is...

Having found it very hard to find information on how to actually make a difference for climate change and the environment (so much green washing and marketing trying to get you to do one thing or another), The Climate Coach aims to bring key information together to help you make a real difference and meaningful changes...

Latest posts

I want to do something but how do I get started?

Good question! We'd recommend spending a few minutes reading "The Climate Emergency" section before looking into specifically what you can do. As with anything, if you understand why what you are doing makes a difference and what difference it makes, the more likely you are to stick with it. 

If you want to jump straight in - you can find lots of content addressing some of the key areas in our "What can I do?" section.

Burned Forest

The Climate Emergency

Where do emissions come from? What types of things do I do that produce emissions?

Sliced Pineapples

The elephant in the room - food!

No-one wants to talk about it - but how can changing what you eat make a difference?

Cloudy Day

Energy consumption

Does changing to a renewable tariff make a difference? How can I reduce my consumption?

Taxi sign


Confused by all the marketing and green washing? What can I do that actually makes a difference?


1 / What difference can I personally make to support climate change?

A huge amount. Let's be honest, no-one is going to do it for us so we need to collectively be the drivers for change. Small changes can make a big difference, from easily reducing your energy consumption to swapping a few ingredients in what you eat. 

2 / Does anything I do actually make a difference to the climate crisis?

Absolutely - why would so many people take action if they didn't think it made a difference. That's basically what this site is about - showing how small changes and actions can make a big difference on climate.

3 / What are the cheapest ways to reduce my carbon footprint?

Great news! Reducing your carbon footprint can often be completely free - and more often than not will actually save you money. We have plenty of ideas on this topic and we'll try and outline any costs and cost savings involved throughout. 

4 / Do you offer sustainability coaching?

No - but the content on this site is effectively free sustainability coaching for everyone. 

5 / Why "The Climate Coach"?

Well effectively, we see the content we create as coaching and it's obviously centred around climate, hence The Climate Coach.

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